230 Tough Boy Names & Their Meaning

There is something undeniably strong and powerful about tough boy names that evoke images of toughness and strength. These names for baby boys are perfect for parents who want their little tough guy to have a powerful personality and be confident in his abilities.

Cool boy names that start with A

Audrey – English origin meaning “noble strength”

Archie – Teutonic origin meaning “truely brave”

Andrew – Greek origin meaning “strong and manly”

Althea – Greek origin meaning “with healing power”

Angus – Irish origin meaning “one strength”

Alfred – English origin meaning “wise counselor”

Aziel – Hebrew origin meaning “God is my strength”

Alaric – German origin meaning “All-powerful ruler”

Anders – Scandivanian origin meaning “strong and manly”

Archibald – Tuetonic origin meaning “truely brave”

Andreas – Greek origin meaning “strong and manly”

Azaiah – Hebrew origin meaning “my strength is Yahweh”

Andre – French and Portuguese origin meaning “string and manly”

Arnold – English origin meaning “strong as an eagle”

Amaury – French origin meaning “work power”

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Badass boy names that start with B

Barrett – Irish origin meaning “strong as a bear”

Barron – French origin meaning “noble strength”

Baldwyn – German origin meaning “brave friend”

Bearnard – Gaelic origin meaning “strength like a bear”

Byron – English origin meaning “glorious strength”

Bruce – English origin meaning “from the brushwood thicket”

Brendan – Irish origin meaning “prince”

Bjorn – Scandivanian origin meaning “bearlike”

Brandon – English origin meaning “strong as a wolf”

Boone – French origin meaning “intrepid one”

Braden – Gaelic origin meaning “freckled”

Brady – Irish origin meaning “spirited battle”

Bernard – German origin meaning “brave as a bear”

Bryce – Gaelic origin meaning “one strength”

Blake – English origin meaning “dark one”

Buck – English origin meaning “male deer”

Beau – French origin meaning “fine and manly”

​Tough boy names that start with C

Conner – Gaelic origin meaning “wise-helper”

Cortez – Spanish origin meaning “polite and courteous”

Cyrus – Greek origin meaning “the Lord is my strength”

Cain – English origin meaning “smith”

Conal – Irish origin meaning “strong as a wolf”

Cedric – German origin meaning “strong as a warrior”

Cassius – Roman origin meaning “empty, vain”

Campbell – Gaelic origin name for a crooked nose

Conrad – German origin meaning “brave adviser”

Craig – Gaelic origin meaning “strong, craggy hill”

Christian – Latin origin meaning “follower of Christ”

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Strong boy names that start with D

Dalton – English origin meaning “blonde settlement or town”

Dallas – Scottish origin meaning “from the dales meadow

Duncan – Scottish origin meaning “dark warrior”

Dale – English origin meaning “dale”

Derrick – German origin meaning “power and nobility”

Dylan – Welsh origin meaning “great sea”

Darby – Gaelic name for a child born into poverty

Darius – Greek Origin meaning “possesses a lot, wealthy”

Darren- English Origin Meaning either one who rules the castle fortress or derives from Germanic/Teutonic roots meaning “one who is bold/intelligent.”

Declan- Irish Gaelic origin name for a man born on December 25th.

Deacon – Greek origin meaning “servant”

Dominick – Latin origin meaning “the Lord is my strength”

Darius – Greek origin meaning “possesses a lot, wealthy”

Badass baby boy names that start with E

Elias – Greek origin meaning “The Lord is my God”

Emrys – Welsh myth name for the sun god and inspiration behind Merlin’s name

Eli – Hebrew origin meaning “to cast or throw”

Emery – Latin origin meaning “green gemstone”

Ezekiel – Hebrew origin meaning “God strengthens”

Erin – Gaelic origin meaning “peace, tranquil”

Emeric – French origin meaning “strong”

Ezra – Hebrew origin meaning “helping”

Egon – German origin meaning “strong with a sword”

Elijah – Hebrew origin meaning “my God is Yahweh”

Elias – Greek origin meaning “my God is the Lord”

Eliezer – Hebrew origin meaning “God has helped”

Eliot – English origin meaning “high tower; noble fame”

Eduardo – Portuguese origin meaning “wealthy guardian”

Edric – Germanic origin meaning “powerful leader”

Errol – Teutonic origin meaning “boar of power”

Eustace – Greek and Latin origin meaning “strong, healthy”

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Rugged boy names that start with F

Felix – Latin origin meaning “happy, lucky”

Ferris – Gaelic origin name for a man with red hair

Fergus – Irish origin meaning “strong-man”

Franklin – English origin meaning “free landholder”

Frederick – German origin meaining “peaceful ruler”

Fordham – Anglo-Saxon origin meaning “ford by the homestead”

Fergus – Gaelic origin name for a man with red hair

Francis – Latin origin meaning “free; French; countryman”

Franco – Spanish Origin Meaning “Frenchman”

Figeroa – Hebrew origing meaning “brave spear”

Fletcher – English Origin Meaning “Bow Maker”

Finnian – Irish origin meaning “fair, white”

Ferguson – Scottish origin meaning “son of Fergus”

Fitzpatrick – Gaelic Origin Meaning “son of the priest”

Francisco – Spanish Origin Meaning “Frenchman; Free one.”

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Tough boy names that start with G

Gabriel – Hebrew origin meaning “hero of god, angel of god”

Gage- English/ French origin meaning “measure”

George – Greek origin meaning “farmer”

Garth – Welsh origin meaning “garden, enclosed area”

Galen – Celtic Origin Meaning “Healer”

Gabriel – Saxon/English origin meaning “hero of God, angel of God”

Grantley – English Origin meaning “big village or estate”

Grayson- English/French origin meaning “son of the steward”

Greyson – English/French origin meaning “son of grey”

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Tough boy names that start with H

Harley – English name for a male cat; Irish surname originally given to someone with red hair.

Hamish- Scottish form of James, which is Hebrew for “he who supplants”

Harley – English origin meaning “from the hare’s field”

Harrison – Old German origin Meaning “son of Harry/ Henry.” Although this name is often given to boys, it can be given to girls as well.

Hayden- Teutonic origin meaning “ruler of the home”

Howard – German origin meaning “brave heart”

Hunter – Gaelic Origin Meaning “Huntsman”

Hawkins – Old German name for someone who lived near a field belonging to someone named Hagan.

Huey- Vietnamese for “bright boy” or Celtic for “intelligent leader.”

Hugo- Latin Origin Meaning “Intelligent or Bright.”  It’s also Spanish for hoot owl.

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Tough boy names that start with I

Ira – Hebrew origin meaning “watchful, vigilant”

Innes- Gaelic origin name for a man from Inverness or any place in highlands of Scotland/Ireland.

Isaac – Hebrew Origin Meaning “laughter, he will laugh”

Irving – English Origin Meaning “home town; young deer”

Ironbear- Native American Indian Name meaning “bear’s iron.

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Tough baby boy names that start with J

Jack: Short form for John and Jacob which means Supplanter. Also a common pet name for boys and men alike.

Jamison: Variant of James which is derived from the Hebrew word Yaakov , meaning supplanter or one who follows after.

Jarrod: Celtic Form of Jared which means Descendant.

Jasper: A gemstone name from the Old French word aigue-marine , meaning “water of the sea,” derived from Greek, meaning “kidney stone.”

Jason: From Greek origin meaning Healer or Supplanter.

Jensen: Danish origin meaning “son of Jens”

Jonas- Greek origin meaning “lion, child of the gracious gift.”

tough baby boy names that start with K

Kaden – Hebrew origin meaning “festive, wealthy”

Kennedy – From Irish Gaelic meaning “Son of Kenny”

Kingsley- Old English Name meaning “Kings’ Meadow

Kendrick- English origin meaning “son of Henry”

Kennan- Irish Gaelic Origin Meaning “Handsome.”

Kasey- Variant of Casey, which is derived from the Irish name Caoimhe , meaning “gentle and mild.” Cae, an Old English word for “friend.”

Koren – Icelandic origin meaning either “descendant of Thor” or “swift runner.”

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Tough boy names that start with L

Landon – Old German origin meaning either Land (or Hill) Of The Lions.

Leech – Middle English/Scottish origin for someone who lived by a boggy area where leeches were plentiful.

Lorcan- Celtic origin meaning “fierce”

Lawley- Middle English Origin Meaning “meadow of the loud waters.”

Lucian – Latin origin meaning ‘light.’ Also, the Roman God of the sun.

Liam – Irish Origin for “Strong” or “Vigorous.”

Leonardo – Italian form of Leonard which means Brave as a lion.

Linus is derived from Greek meaning “flaxen haired.” In mythology, this is the name of a character who discovers how to weave flax into cloth. The name was also borne by an early pope.

Lovell- Old French origin meaning either “loveable or little wolf”

Badass boy names that start with M

Maddox- English origin meaning “fortunate; fortunate ruler.”

Magnus – Latin origin meaning “greatest” or Welsh for “big bear.”

Marcus- Latin origin meaning either like Mars (the Roman god of war) or Mark (meaning boundary). Many famous people have bore the name including several popes, two Holy Roman Emperors, and Marcus Antonius, better known as Mark Antony.

Mario- Italian origin meaning “rebel.”

Marley- English Origin Meaning ‘Grassy Meadow.’

Monte – Norman origin meaning “man power”

Miles- Latin origin meaning “soldier”

Montgomery- Old French origin meaning “strong hill.”

Mariano – Spanish Origin Meaning “Brave Lion” or derived from Mary in reference to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Maximus- Roman Origin Meaning ‘Largest’ or ‘Greatest.’

McLeod – Gaelic/Scottish origin meaning son of Liam.

Michael – Hebrew origin meaning Who is like God?

Midas- Greek Mythology, Midas was a king who could turn whatever he touched into gold. He asked Dionysus to give him this gift because he thought it would make him happy but instead he lost all his friends and family because everything they touched.

Malcolm- Scottish Origin Meaning “devotee of Saint Columba,” a 6th century missionary to Scotland.

Murdoch- Gaelic origin meaning “sea warrior.”

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Tough boy names that start with N

Nathaniel – Hebrew origin meaning “God has given” or “God’s gift.” The most common variant of the name in the New Testament is probably Nathanael, who appears in John 1:45 as one of Jesus’ apostles.

Neville- Old French Origin Meaning From Anetivillare. Which Is A Late Latin Word That Means New Town Or Settlement.

Noah – Hebrew origin meaning Rest or Comfort. In The Bible, Noah was the builder of the Ark and the preserver of the world’s animals through the great flood.

Noble – English Origin Meaning One Who Performs Noble Deeds. The Name Comes From A Middle English Word That Originated From Latin Meaning “Kinsman.”

Nolan – Gaelic Origin meaning Youthful, Vigorous. This Is Also An Anglicized Form Of Irish Names Beginning With Nuall-.

Nelson- Old German Origin Meaning Son Of Neil Or Neilita Which Means Champion Conqueror Or Winner.

Nathan- Hebrew origin meaning God has given. In the bible, he was one who reproved King David for his sin with Bathsheba and fought on behalf of the Israelites against the Philistines during the reigns of Kings Saul and David.

Nico- English Origin Meaning “Victorious” Or Greek Origin Meaning “To Conquer.”

Nicolas – Latin origin meaning Who Is Like God?

Norbert- Germanic origin meaning North bright.

Noble- Old French origin meaning someone who performs noble deeds. The name comes from a Middle English word that originated from Latin meaning “kinsman.”

Niles- Celtic Origin meaning Descendent Of Niall. Another Variant Is Nil. This Is A Separate Gaelic Name That Has Been Linked To The Ancient Egyptian Ruler Akhenaton And His Son Tutankhamen Whose Names Translated As ‘Living Image Of Aten’ Which Was The Sun Disc And One Of The Most Important Gods In Ancient Egypt.

Nigel- English Origin Meaning “Ingenious” or Greek origin meaning “people of victory.”

Nino- Italian origin meaning “God is gracious.”

Nob- Old French origin meaning noble. The name was brought to England by the Normans after 1066.

Norberto- Germanic Origin Meaning North Bright. Another Form Of The Name Is Norbert Which Is Derived From A Word That Means “People of Nobility.”

Novak – Czechoslovakian Origin Meaning “A New Comer.”

Niles – Celtic origin meaning descendant of Niall. Another variant is Nil. This is a separate Gaelic name that has been linked to the ancient Egyptian ruler Akhenaton and his son Tutankhamen whose names translated as ‘living image of Aten’ which was the sun disc and one of the most important gods in ancient Egypt.

Tough boy names that start with O

Oz – Hebrew origin meaning “strength, powerful, and courageous”

Oswald – English origin meaning “divine power” or “divine ruler”

Oberon – German Origin Meaning “King Of The Elves.” Oberon Is A Fairy King In Shakespere’s Play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Oliver- English Origin meaning Olive tree or someone who is derived from the olive tree. This Name Was Brought To England During The Norman Conquest When Many Flemish Settlers Came Over And Gave Their Children Strong Anglo-Saxon Names As Was The Fashion At That Time.

Orion – Greek mythology, Orion was an incredibly handsome hunter whom Zeus placed among the stars as a constellation representing him as conqueror of the beasts.

Obadiah- Hebrew Origin Meaning Servant Or Devoted To God . Obadiah Was A Biblical Prophet Whose Book Appears In The Old Testament.

Otto- Germanic origin meaning Wealthy.

Onslow – English Origin Meaning “Is The Hill Of Solid Ground.” Another Variant Is Ansloo.

Ozias – Hebrew origin meaning strength and power of God . Ozias was a king of Judah whose story is told in the Old Testament .

Olaf- Scandinavian Origin Meaning “God’s Gift” or Old Norse origin meaning “the people’s ruler.” Olaf Was King Of Norway And Also An Ancestor Of William The Conqueror, Also Known As William I (The Conqueror), Duke Of Normandy Who Conquered England In 1066 C.E…

Osbald – English Origin Meaning “God’s Protection”

Orlando- Italian Origin Meaning “Famous throughout the land.” From Shakespeare’s play As You Like It.

Osmund- Germanic origin meaning Divine protector and protection of the sea. Another variant is Osmand.

Obert- Germanic origin meaning noble and bright or augmentative form Roberto.

Oliver- English Origin meaning Olive Tree or someone who is derived from the olive tree – This name was brought to England during the Norman Conquest when many Flemish settlers came over and gave their children strong Anglo-Saxon names as was the fashion at that time.,

Onslow – English Origin Meaning “Is The Hill Of Solid Ground.” Another Variant Is Ansloo.,

Ozias – Hebrew origin meaning strength and power of God. Ozias was a king of Judah whose story is told in the Old Testament.

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Tough boy names that start with R

Reginald – English origin meaning “counsel power” or “ruler of all.” Another variant is Reynold.

Ramiro – Spanish Origin Meaning “Counsel Power” or Greek origin meaning “army man.”

Ramsey – English Origin meaning Royal home .,

Rodrigo – Spanish Origin meaning “Brave Power” or Germanic origin meaning Famous Ruler. Also An Ancestor Of King Edward I Who Brought Scotland And Wales Under English Control..,

Ransom- Latin Origin Meaning Payment For Release Or To Set Free. The Name Is Associated With The Character Ransom Kitteredge From Tennessee William’s Novel, Catcher In The Rye., This Name Was Also Borne By A President Of Liberia Named James Nimitzansom.,

Reuben – Hebrew origin meaning Related To The South Or He Exalts. Reuben Was The Firstborn Son Of Jacob And Leah In The Bible.,

Rowan – Celtic Origin Meaning “Little Red-Haired One.” Variant Is Rowen.

Roderick – Germanic origin meaning Famous Ruler.,

Raphael – Hebrew Origin Meaning God Has Healed. This Name Appeared On A Priest’s Medal That Was Found Near Naples, Italy..

Reid – Celtic Origin Meaning Red Haired Ruler . Variant Is Reidar.

Richard- English Derived From French Originating From Ricard Which Stems From Germanic Tribe Richering Who Were Renowned Warriors..,

Robert- French Origins Meaning Bright Shining One..,

Roman- English Origin Meaning From Rome. The Name Was Common Among Soldiers And Families Who Lived Near Or Traveled To Rome.,

Raleigh – Old English Origin Meaning “From The Cleared Meadow Near A River.” Raleigh Was Originally Surname Of A Famous Explorer Named Sir Walter Raleigh.,

Rodman – Irish Gaelic Origin Meaning Red-Haired Champion . Variant Is Rodan., This Name May Also Be Associated With French Stem Rademir, Which Stems From The Latin Word Radix Which Means Root.

Tough boy names that start with S

Serge- Latin Origin Meaning Ornament. This Name Is Common Among The Eastern European And French.,

Sidney – Old English Origins Meaning “East Dweller.” Variant Of Simeon , Feminine Sidnee Or Jude . Associated With Sidney Poitier, American Actor Who Received An Academy Award In 1963.,

Samson – Hebrew Origin Meaning Sun . In The Bible, Samson Was A Judge Of Israel Whose Strength Lived Within Him Until It Was Sapped By Delilah.,

Sebastian- Greek Origin Meaning Revered One..,

Stuart – Irish Gaelic Origin Meaning Dwells At The About Place. Stuart Is A Nickname Form For Stephan Which Is Greek And Means Crown Or Wreath.,

Stephen – Greek Origin Meaning Crown Or Wreath. In The Bible, Stephen Was One Of The First Deacons And A Witness To Christ’s Resurrection. His Life Ended As He Was Stoned For Blasphemy.,

Sloan- English Variant Means Surname Used As Given Name.,

Sullivan- Irish Gaelic Origin Meaning “Black Eye”

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Tough boy names that start with T

Tad- From Old French Origins Meaning “Brave.” Variant Is Tadgh.,

Tait- English Derived From The Old Norse Word Taetr Which Stems From Taetr Which Means Disposition Or Temperament. This Name Has Also Been Associated With Saint Taith Who Lived On Iona.,

Taj- Persian Origin Meaning Crown Or Peak..,

Tanner- English Origin Meaning One Who Makes Leather Goods.,

Theo- Greek Derived From Theos Which Stems From God . Variant Is Teo.,

Thor- Old Norse Origin Meaning “Thunder.” Thor Was A Norse God Of Thunder And Lightning. He Also Wielded A Hammer Named Mjolnir.,

Tobias – Biblical Origin Meaning God Is Good. In Biblical Times, Tobias Was The Son Of Tobit Whom God Protected During A Time Of War.., This Strong Boy Name Starts With T Name Also Has Many Variants Such As Toby And Tobey., This Boy Name Is Perfect For Your Strong Boy Because It Gives Off A Strong And Powerful Vibe.,

Tucker- English Origin Meaning One Who Tucks In. Variant Of The Germanic Name Dicota Which Is Derived From The Word Tec which Means Ruler., This Surname Was Common Among Farmers In England Who Used Wool To Make Clothes .

Terrence – Latin Originated From An Office Or Title:, This Boys Name Starts With Tending To Be Popular Among Wealthy Parents, Most Likely Because Shakespeare Used It To Refer To Money Lenders As Early As 1591.

Thornton- Old English origin meaning “village near thorn trees”

Tito – Latin Origin Meaning “Divine” or Spanish/Italian Origin Meaning “victory of the people”. This trendy name is currently climbing up the social ladder. It’s one of those boy names that are strong and powerful, but still very sophisticated.,

Tommy- Diminutive form of Thomas . The Name Tommy Comes From Military Folklore And Is Associated With A Supposedly Foolish Sergeant Major In Rudyard Kipling’s Barrack Room Ballads.

Badass boy names that start with V

Val- From Gaelic origin meaning “strength.” variant of Valentine.

Vaughan- Welsh Surname Derived From The Words Ban, Which Stems From The Latin Word Vannus Which Means Fan., Associated With Vaughan Williams One Of England’s Most Celebrated 20th Century Composers.

Victor – Latin origin meaning “victor, conqueror.

Vincent – Latin origin meaning “Victorious”. Associated with Saint Vincent De Paul, a Roman Catholic Priest who became known for his works with the poor and helped found the Congregation Of the Mission (The Vincentians).

Vaughn- Welsh Surname Derived From The Words Ban, Which Stems From The Latin Word Vannus Which Means Fan. Variant Of Vaughan.

Virgil – Latin Origin Meaning “Man from Virgo.” In Roman Mythology, Virgil Was One Of The Heroes Whom Was Said To Have Been Dictated The Aeneid By The Goddess Dido.

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Strong boy names that start with x

Xander – Greek Origin Meaning “Defender Of Men.” This Greek Name Was Common Among Royal Families. A Well Known Bearer Is Xander Cage From The Movies ‘xXx’ And ‘The Fast And Furious’.,

Xavier- Spanish Origin Meaning “bright and clear”

Strong boy names that start with z

Zeke- English origin variant of Ezekiel meaning “God will strengthen”

Zale – Greek origin meaning “sea strength”


These popular tough boy names will make your son feel at ease with himself and give him character. This is something that he can use when facing challenges in life! These will make your son feel confident and determined to achieve anything he sets his mind to!

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