Spectra S1 VS Spectra S2 – which one is best for you?

Spectra S1 vs S2. What are the differences and which one is better?

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Spectra is a company that makes high-quality breast pumps for mothers. They offer many different pumps, but the top two are the spectra S1 and spectra S2. This article will cover different features of each spectra pump so you can decide which one is best for your needs!

Things To Consider When Buying A Breast Pump

  • Pumping can take a lot of time so it’s important to choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Cordless or Electrical Outlet: Will you be pumping while your commuting to work or on the couch at home?
  • Size: If you are short on space to store it.
  • Noise: Will you need to pump while being on the phone or next to a sleeping baby?
  • Features: Massage mode, timer, LED light
  • Price: Are you on a tight budget or is it worth it to pay extra for certain features?

What The S1 and The S2 Have In Common

  • Hospital-grade motor
  • Double and single pump: Both are double electric breast pumps, which means you can pump from both breasts simultaneously or only one at a time if you would like.
  • Massage mode: To help start the letdown phase and then it will start the expression mode once your milk has letdown.
  • Auto timer: If you would like to set a specific amount of time that you would like to pump.
  • Backlight: So you can see the settings for late-night pumping sessions.
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty on the motor and 90 days on pumping parts.

What Is The Difference Between The S1 And S2 Breast Pumps?

S1 has a rechargeable battery (up to 3 hours of battery life) and the S2 does not so it has to be plugged in to be operated.

S1 is slightly larger than the S2

How To Choose Between The Spectra S1 And S2

If you will primarily be pumping on the go then the S1 is a great choice. Keep in mind that the S1 might not be fully covered by some insurance companies and you might have to pay a small upgrade fee depending on what insurance you have.

If you are pumping in one spot and don’t mind the cord and don’t want to pay the fee then the S2 is still a great option. Plus, it’s a bonus that the size is slightly smaller.

What Makes Spectra Pumps So Great?

Using Massage Mode And Expression Mode

Spectra pumps will start out in massage mode which is short and shallow pumps to stimulate the milk letdown. This is much like a baby’s sucking pattern when they first start a breastfeeding session.

Then the pump will change to expression mode. These will be longer and deeper pumps. This mimics the way a baby will suck once your milk has let down.

You are able to switch back and forth between massage mode and expression mode if you are having a hard time getting a letdown while pumping.

If you like a specific pattern with these modes while you pump, you can save the pattern for future sessions.

Is Spectra Better Than The Medela?

The performance is pretty comparable. If you are looking for a pump that is quieter, softer on your skin, and more affordable then yes I would say the Spectra wins.

Spectra S1 vs S2 Vs 9 Plus

The Spectra 9 Plus is a sleek portable pump that fits in the palm of your hand. The battery lasts about half as long as the S1. The 9 Plus is not a hospital-grade pump so the pumping sessions could be a little bit longer. You also cannot change the pump’s cycle speed separately.

The 9 Plus is a great pump for someone that occasionally needs to pump for relief or date night. It’s high quality and super compact. I’ve had this pump personally for years to use for travel or here and there. It’s a great pump but if you are looking to primarily pump then I would choose the S1 for the strength and the portability.

Which One Should You Choose? S1 or S2?

Speaking from experience of many hours pumping under my belt, I would say getting a Spectra S1 is completely worth it. Even if you plan to only pump at home. Being able to get up to help your toddler with something or answer a phone call can be extremely helpful.

So Which one would work best for you?

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Spectra S1 VS Spectra S2

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Lacy Reason is a highly experienced and compassionate lactation counselor, who has dedicated her career to educating and supporting new mothers on their breastfeeding journey.