Secret & Lost Baby Names: Meaning and Inspiration

If you’re looking for some baby names that mean lost, here are some great options. The names on this list all have the word “lost” in them and they come from diverse cultures around the world. Some of these names were once popular but now seem to be forgotten; others are more recent additions to the lexicon of choices for parents seeking a meaningful moniker for their little one who is soon to arrive into the world. There is bound to be at least one perfect fit among these names that will give your child an identity filled with meaning and inspiration!

Names that mean lost

Diggory: French origin meaning “lost one” another variation is “Digory”

Perdido: Spanish origin meaning “lost”

Perdida: Spanish origin female version of Perdido

Perdita: Latin origin meaning “a lost woman”

Sennacherib: Biblical Latin meaning “sin has replaced my lost brothers”

Chilufya: Bemba origin meaning “the one who is lost”

Baby names with unfortunate meaning

Azubah: Hebrew origin meaning “desolation”

Ares: Greek origin meaning “disaster”

Azazel: Hebrew origin meaning “scapegoat, evil demon, or evil spirit”

Cameron: Scottish origin meaning “crooked nose”

Campbell: English origin meaning “crooked mouth”

Hecate: from Greek mythology meaning “witchcraft”

Kennedy: Celtic and Gaelic origin unisex name meaning “deformed head

Keres: Greek origin meaning “evil spirits”

Lilith: Hebrew origin meaning “night monster”

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Mallory: Old French origin meaning “unfortunate, bad luck

Molly: Latin origin meaning “bitter”

Narcissa: Latin origin meaning “obsessed with yourself”

Portia: Latin origin meaning “pig”

Persephone: Latin origin meaning “to destroy”

Teivel: Yiddish word with the meaning “devil”

Thanatos: from Greek mythology meaning “death”

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Baby names that mean solitary

Ainsley: Scottish origin meaning “solitary meadow”

Payekha: Tumbuka origin that is a unisex name with the meaning “alone”

Names that mean empty

Aud: Norwegain origin meaning “deserted and empty”

Cassius: Latin origin meaning “empty, vain”

Wukong: Chinese origin meaning “empty, hollow, sky”

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Baby names that mean secret

Adelrun: German origin meaning “noble secret”

Alfrún: German origin meaning “elf secret”

Albrun: German origin meaning “secret lore”

Asrar : Arabic origin meaning “secret, mystery”

Asrora: Tajik origin meaning “secret”

Dalrun: Icelandic origin meaning “dale, valley, secret”

Gudrun: Scandinavian origin meaning “secret battle”

Dagrun: Norwegian origin meaning “secret lore”

Falin: Spanish origin meaning “my secret”

Himiko: Japanese origin meaning “sun, fire, reality, secret”

Hisoka: Japanese origin meaning “reserved, secretive”

Heidrun: German origin meaning “bright, secret”

Irmrun: German origin meaning “whole, universal, secret, rune”.

Kauane: Hawaiian origin meaning “guardian of secrets”

Liraz: Hebrew origin meaning “secret for me”

Leofrun: English origin meaning “beloved, secret”

Mystery: English origin meaning “something secret”

Raz: Aramaic origin meaning “the Lord’s secret”

Nahimana: American origin meaning “secret”

Najwa ” Arabic origin meaning “secret, whisper”

Ortrun: German origin meaning “point, secret”

Razi: Aramaic origin meaning “the Lord’s secret”

Runar: Norwegian origin meaning “secret lore, worrior”

Runolf: German origin meaning “secret, wolf”

Raziah: Aramaic origin meaning “the Lord’s secret”

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Shiraz: Hebrew origin meaning “secret song”

Sigrún: Icelantic origin meaning “victory, secret”

Stígrún: Icelantic origin meaning “to wander, secret lore”

Raziela: Aramaic origin meaning “the Lord’s secret”

Tajana: Croatian origin meaning “to keep secret”

Tajna: Croatian origin meaning “a secret”

Razili: Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord’s secret”

Syrym: Arabic origin meaning “paint, secret”

Wulfrun: English origin meaning “wolf, secret, mystery”

Raziel: Hebrew origin meaning “secret of God”

Runa: Norwegian origin meaning “secret lore”

Rune: German origin meaning “secret”

Taina: Finnish origin meaning “secret, star”

Zina: African origin that refers to a child’s secret spirit name

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Final thoughts

Whether you are looking for baby names that mean lost or writing a story for a character, here is some inspiration for you. Many of these names offer a unique and wonderful meaning. Do some research if you are looking for the perfect baby name!

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