Which is Better: Kirkland Diapers Vs Huggies

Kirkland diapers and Huggies are comparable. They are both absorbent and cling firmly to contain the mess. Kirkland diaper, on the other hand, does not have a pocketed waistband, absorbs 30% less, and gathers more when wet. However, they perform quite well for many infants!

It can be hard to decide which diapers to buy when you have so many options.

All of the different brands and types of diapers can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know which one is going to be the best for your baby. Which is best? Kirkland diapers vs Huggies.

Here are the pros and cons of each.

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Kirkland diapers vs Huggies

I am a huge fan of Kirkland diapers so I was interested to see if Huggies could compare. I did a lot of research and found that Kirkland diapers cost less, but they also absorb 30% less than Huggies.

Huggies are known for their cute designs, but Kirkland recently updated their designs to be just as adorable. But at the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with either one. Both brands will keep your baby dry and comfortable.

So, which should you choose? Kirkland diapers vs Huggies?

Well, that depends on your budget and what you’re looking for. If you want a diaper that is absorbent and affordable, go with Kirkland. If you are looking for a diaper with blow-out prevention and the best absorbency, go with Huggies.

No matter what you choose, both diapers will keep your baby happy and dry!

Huggies diapers

Huggies are wonderful if you want your baby to have maximum protection.

Blowouts are prevented by the pocketed waistband, which is not found in Kirkland diapers.

Huggies absorb 30% more than the Kirkland brand

Amazon sells Huggies diapers for a reasonable price

Who makes these diapers?

Surprisingly, both Kirkland diapers and Huggies diapers are made from Kimberly Clark manufactures in the USA.

For years, Costco has been asking Kimberly Clark and Procter and Gamble to produce a private-label diaper they could sell under the Kirkland label.

Kimberly Clark agreed! That’s why Huggies are available at Costco rather than Pampers – because of their business with Kimberly Clark.

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Kirkland signature supreme diapers

Knowing who makes Kirkland diapers will help make this comparison easier! Some say that Kirkland is the older generation of Huggies.

While they may appear to be identical at first glance, they are in fact quite similar! And you’ll see that they’re nearly identical soon enough!

When parents read Costco diaper reviews, they claim that Kirkland diapers are just as good as Huggies. And now you know why!

Kirkland diapers vs Huggies Little Snugglers baby diapers

Costco offers a line of products under the Kirkland brand. Huggies is a premium diaper brand that is battling it out with Pampers for market dominance.

Many hospitals utilize Huggies on newborns, according to the research. Now that we’ve covered where you can get information about Costco’s Kirkland brand goods, let’s get into the comparison of Kirkland diapers vs Huggies.

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I’ve heard some moms say that the Kirkland adjustable velcro tabs are not as sturdy as the Huggies velcro straps but I found that it held up to the test.

I adjusted the Costco diapers 10 times as well as the Huggies diapers while changing my baby and they both held up to the test! I haven’t seen that durability in other diaper brands.

Huggies have “double grip strips” or “secondary fasteners” on their diapers to assist keep them in place.

They have a purple region on the outside of the diaper waistband, in addition to the standard velcro tab, to retain the tabs in place. The secondary fasteners don’t feel sticky when touched but they stick to the diaper well.

Kirkland diapers used to have these extra tabs as well but no longer do. This is definitely a bigger deal as they get older and are more wiggly!

Kirkland diapers vs Huggies tabs

Patterns & Designs

Huggies have a size indicator to help you know when your baby’s diaper is starting to get small and it’s time to get the diaper size up.

This helps keep your baby comfortable and prevents leaks.

They also have an umbilical cord cutout for their newborn diapers which is incredibly helpful when you are changing a newborn.

When it comes to the pattern, Kirkland brand diapers have a cute animal design. This size 4 is a fox and the size 5 is a deer with trees on both.

Huggies diapers have a Winnie the Pooh design and little pots of honey.

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Wetness Indicators

Both brands have the wetness indicator strip on their diapers. The yellow lines on both Kirkland and Huggies turn blue to indicate when there is dampness in the diaper. They look to be of equal length and thickness.


Huggies and Kirkland diapers have a nice elastic around the legs and waist. They work great for all different size babies whether they have bigger or thinner legs and waist.

Kirkland diapers vs Huggies fit

I’ve had both leaner and chunkier babies and they have fit them both quite well.


How does the bulkiness of Kirkland vs Huggies compare? Unfortunately, both brands tend to droop in between your infant’s legs.

Kirkland diapers vs Huggies waistband

Personally, I believe it makes more room for poop and to prevent blowouts, but they do look rather saggy. Other diaper brands, such as Pampers, are more tightly fitted around the butt.


At first glance, both waistbands look identical but they are quite a bit different. Kirkland’s elastic waistband seems to be a bit stronger which was a big plus for me.

However, the biggest difference in the elastic waistband that I noticed was Huggies has a pocketed elastic waistband to prevent diaper blowouts from going up the back. This was a huge plus to me that could save a ton of time doing laundry with sheets and clothes.

Kirkland diapers vs Huggies waistband

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I’ve had both diapers leak at some point or another from being too full but I will say they hold an impressive amount of liquid and I just have a heavy wetter.

I decided to put both diaper brands to the test by pouring in water to see how much they could hold.

The Kirkland Signature Diapers held 4 cups of water!

The Huggies diapers held an impressive 5 cups of water!

Both brands are super absorbent and I was pretty amazed at how much liquid both of these diapers can hold.

Kirkland diapers vs Huggies side by side on absorbency test
This is just after 2 cups of water was poured!


When it comes to dryness, I used toilet paper to pat the diapers throughout the test. The water absorbed more slowly as the diapers got fuller, making them more likely to be damp.

Even after about 2 cups of water, the toilet paper came away dry from both types of diapers. That means your baby’s skin will remain dry even if they pee a lot at night and you don’t change them right away. Dry skin reduces diaper rash on baby’s skin.


Huggies are not made with elemental chlorine bleaching, and they don’t contain latex or fragrances and have fewer chemicals than Costco’s store brand.

Kirkland diapers only say that they are hypoallergenic and don’t contain natural rubber latex or elemental chlorine.

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The Kirkland brand is very affordable and is as low as 18 cents per diaper depending on the size you are buying.

  • The size 1 is 18 cents per diaper
  • Size 2 & 3 are 20 cents per diaper
  • And size 4 is 23 cents per diaper
  • Size 5 is 27 cents per diaper
  • Finally, size 6 is 34 cents per diaper

Huggies have a little more of a premium price to them and start out at 24 cents per diaper.

  • The size 1 is 24 cents per diaper
  • Size 2 is 26 cents per diaper
  • And size 3 is 27 cents per diaper
  • Size 4 is 30 cents per diaper
  • The size 5 is 37 cents per diaper
  • Finally, size 6 is 45 cents per diaper

There is quite a big difference as you go up in size but is negligible when they are a smaller size. Both are still great prices for such big brands. Just see which one is worth it to you and fits your budget.

Where can I buy these diapers?

Typically to buy Kirkland diapers you need to be a Costco member, but you can buy them on Amazon as well!

For Huggies diapers, you can easily buy them on Amazon as well or most stores.

Final thoughts

Diapers are a big purchase for parents and there is no clear front-runner between Kirkland or Huggies. The two brands have different features that may appeal to you more than the other depending on your personal preferences, such as price point, absorbency, design of diaper, or waistband type.

Ultimately it comes down to how much you value each feature and what is important to you when it comes to buying diapers for your child. Both brands are high quality and will do the job, so it is up to you to decide which one is the best fit for you and your family.

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