Bonding Beyond Babyhood: How Extended Breastfeeding Fosters Emotional Connection

We dive deep into the world of extended breastfeeding and share our personal journeys along the way. As we navigate the challenges and joys of nursing beyond infancy, we’ll discuss the unique benefits it brings to both mother and child, as well as the ways it fosters emotional connection and supports toddler development. In this candid conversation, we’ll cover topics like gradual weaning strategies, incorporating solid foods into your child’s diet, and debunking common myths about breastfeeding toddlers. You’ll also hear about our experiences balancing work and nursing, sleep routines, and navigating public perception. Whether you’re a first-time mom or an experienced parent, this episode offers a treasure trove of valuable insights, tips, and support for breastfeeding mothers who choose to continue their journey into toddlerhood. So join us as we embrace the beauty of extended nursing and empower you with the knowledge and encouragement you need to make the best decisions for your family.

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Erin is a virtual lactation educator and creator of Nursing Mamas. She combines her two Master’s Degrees in Health and Family communication, lactation knowledge, and personal nursing experience to focus on the parent-toddler nursing relationship. Through online courses and consults she helps extended breastfeeding women who aren’t ready to wean, but are feeling overwhelmed by on-demand nursing and are ready to set breastfeeding boundaries so they can keep the bond without the burnout. She lives in Costa Mesa, CA with her husband Scott, and kids Avery and Luca, and is a veteran nursing mama of 4 ½ years.

IG: @erin.nursingmamas

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About the author

Lacy Reason is a highly experienced and compassionate lactation counselor, who has dedicated her career to educating and supporting new mothers on their breastfeeding journey.