7 Best Breastfeeding Gowns for Hospital Deliveries

When you are becoming a new mom, you need to feel the most comfortable when in labor and learning how to breastfeed for the first time. It’s time to ditch the starchy floral print hospital gown and find the best breastfeeding gowns for hospital deliveries and your hospital stay ​so you can feel your best in some of the most special days about to come

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Can you wear your own gown during delivery?

Some do have a preference on what you wear so be sure to check with your midwife or doctor.

Most people chose to wear the hospital gown because it’s easier but you can wear what is most comfortable for you.

If it’s in your birth plan to have immediate skin to skin, then it might be better for you to bring your own gown rather than using the traditional hospital gowns. The delivery hospital gown can be uncomfortable so bringing your own labor birthing gown can be a great option as long as you know what to look for in buying yours that a typical gown has. we will get into all of this further down.

It would also be good to give it a test run before the baby arrives.

Some people find that the hospital gown is too uncomfortable to wear during breastfeeding so it might be better for you to bring your own breastfeeding apparel.

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What should I wear to the hospital to give birth?

Wear something that is lightweight and comfortable. A maternity dress like a t-shirt soft gown would be comfortable and easy to run the multiple test they run before getting admitted. As well as a nursing bra underneath. I like to have the nursing bra on while I deliver for some privacy while I’m in labor but it is easy for quick access to breastfeeding right when they are born.

When you have your first contraction and things keep moving along, you can start to change in your labor clothes before things get too difficult and intense before you leave.

Make sure there are openings for an IV, epidural, and access for breastfeeding. 

Some birthing and breastfeeding gowns have openings for breastfeeding access at the breast.

Keep in mind that your garment has to accommodate any monitoring during your hospital stay so always go with a loose fitting top. You might need to put on multiple layers if it is cold in the room where you are giving birth or breastfeeding.

Make sure you can reach your hands inside the gown to breastfeed while lying down without having to take off the gown specially if this is the first time breastfeeding. You don’t want to be rushed during breastfeeding and have a hard time re-dressing yourself.

What should I wear under my hospital gown during labor?

I have always worn my own clothes during labor and I prefer to wear a nursing tank top and some loose pants. This makes it easy to remove the pants when it’s necessary and allows skin to skin right after delivery.

Another great option is a labor gown with a nursing bra if you prefer. Just find whatever is most comfortable for you and is easily removed if needed for the medical staff for routine checks for dilation.

My last delivery I wore a breastfeeding maternity gown which was way more comfortable than the hospital gown. It allowed me to feel my best in labor and having that comfort makes breastfeeding go smoothly.

Choosing breastfeeding-friendly clothes for breastfeeding after birth is essential so you can make sure they are easy to remove without taking all your layers off when breastfeeding.

I have breastfeeding friends who used the hospital gowns and the breastfeeding opening isn’t discreet. You don’t want to feel awkward or uncomfortable after delivery. You want breastfeeding made easier with breastfeeding friendly clothes. 

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What should I wear while breastfeeding in the hospital?

If you are breastfeeding it is important to plan your breastfeeding clothing during your stay at the hospital.

A simple top with loose pants will work well. You can wear a breastfeeding gown for the hospital or something more relaxed after labor that can be used even after your stay like breastfeeding friendly pajamas. If breastfeeding, make sure the breastfeeding opening is very easy for the baby to latch onto you and that the clothing is loose and breastfeeding friendly.

Pajama breastfeeding

You can wear your own breastfeeding pajamas if you have it or get a breastfeeding nightgown for breastfeeding during those nights in the hospital when the baby wakes up to breastfeed.  

I bought this breastfeeding nightgown for feedings in the middle of the night and breastfeeding in the hospital.

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Breastfeeding is a special moment for mom and baby. Nothing can be as bonding as that first moment when your newborn successfully latches on to your breast and starts breastfeeding.

So breastfeeding clothes can make breastfeeding easier for you and your baby.

This is what I love about breastfeeding pajamas during those middle of the night nursing sessions because they are cute, comfy and easy to pull up or down without having to take off your layers. 

Do you have to wear a hospital gown after delivery?

You do not have to wear the hospital gown after delivery. You can wear your own clothes. I recommend wearing loose black pants or a dark nursing nightgown so you don’t have to worry about staining and you are still comfortable.

A nursing nightgown would be beneficial for easy breastfeeding and to feel your best. They are made in a ton of stylish options and will help you feel your best after a long labor.

It’s definitely worth the added cost then using the typical gowns.

What to look for when buying a hospital gown


A comfy gown during your hospital stay can make the difference. There are some breastfeeding gowns for hospital stays that are not as comfortable and can be restrictive.

After your baby is born the first few days are hectic. You want to look your best and feel your best because after childbirth you will be exhausted so a nursing nightgown or breastfeeding gown would be essential.

You might even need breastfeeding pajamas just for a few hours during the day to rest and feed your baby.

After birth you will feel awkward moments with breastfeeding in public so having some breastfeeding clothes is also very good for those moments too. 


Having your clothing out of the way makes breastfeeding easier for you both. You want a simple opening in the front or back with easy access to your breasts. This is why I love wearing breastfeeding pajamas at night.

You need openings in all of the right places for the fetal monitoring, taking your blood pressure, baby’s heart rate, and an IV.


Versatility is great when buying something that you intend to use for a short period of time. It’s best to have it work as a maternity gown to feel comfortable at night with your baby bump. When buying maternity wear, try to find something that will work for the postpartum stage as well. Instead of buying a maternity bra, buy a breastfeeding bra so you will get more use out of it in the long run.

Best breastfeeding gowns for hospital Stays

Best labor and delivery gown

Kindred Bravely Universal Labor and Delivery Gown

I love the Kindred Bravely Universal Labor and Delivery Gown. It’s made out of bamboo with is such a soft material so you will be comfortable. It has openings in all of the right places for easy skin access with fold down front panels. The openings have velcro instead of snaps which are much easier to open and close.

They come in a bunch of different colors and designs but I prefer the color black for labor since it can be a messy process at times. This is a great option for a breastfeeding gown for hospital stays.

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Maternity hospital gown matching baby

The Baybou Rode and Matching Baby Swaddle set

On or near your baby’s birth day someone may come and take first photos of your newborn baby in your hospital room. The Baybou Rode and Matching Baby Swaddle set would be such a great option for a mommy and baby set.

It’s great for feeling your best on such a special day and gives you easy nursing access. You could also use the swaddle as a nursing cover for full coverage comfort when you are just starting to nurse.

It comes with 1 maternity robe with pockets, 1 baby swaddle blanket, 1 baby hospital knot hat, 1 matching baby headband, and even 1 wooden birth announcement sign. This would be the perfect baby shower gift.

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Best for after a C-section

Ekouaer Breastfeeding delivery gown

Ekouaer is a great option that comes in a variety of sizes. It has front snaps for easy skin on skin and breastfeeding access. The stretchy fabric makes it super comfortable and easy to move around which is helpful in labor.

The back has full length rear snaps for an epidural and any medical examinations. It comes in a bunch of beautiful colors as well.

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Plus size postpartum gown

Savi Mom Maternity and Breastfeeding Nightgown.

They are the perfect plus Size maternity hospital gown. These are very comfortable and have a soft fabric. There is an opening on each side for easy access to breastfeed. This nursing gown dress doesn’t come with any openings in the back so this a perfect breastfeeding gown for hospital stays but not for the actual delivery.

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Delivery robes

Baby Be Mine Maternity and Delivery Rob

These maternity robe sets are a beautiful cotton option. The rob set even comes with a matching swaddle for your sweet newborn. They come in an array of cheer patterns to pick from. Moms say this is incredibly comfortable and a hospital bag necessity.

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Best nursing pajamas

Kindred Bravely Clea Bamboo Classic Pajama Set

I love how versatile this pajama set is. You can wear it through pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It’s so cute that you can definitely wear it after you are breastfeeding as well. The soft bamboo fabric is lightweight and helps so much with hot flashes when you are newly postpartum! It comes in short sleeve and long sleeve options for every season.

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Having a breastfeeding gown for hospital deliveries is not something you are going to be wearing for long but it is an important day. You want to feel comfortable and easily move around with full coverage. Consider your needs when looking into the various options available before purchasing any breastfeeding gowns. Keeping these things in mind will make the search much easier.

If you’re looking to purchase a maternity robe or delivery robes , I highly recommend Kindred Bravely. It was the only nursing gown I found that fit me properly and was easy to breastfeed and feel comfortable in. Best of all, they are reasonably priced!

Once you are home and snuggled up with your baby you will want to have the best overnight diapers to keep your baby dry and happy all night long. You also need to be prepared with nipple cream to prevent sore or even cracked nipples.


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