Best Breastfeeding Chairs for Your Nursery

A new mom will be spending countless hours in their baby’s nursery feeding them. Needless to say, one important piece of furniture is having the best breastfeeding chair. This article will cover the best nursery gliders for your nursery what and to look for when buying a rocking chair.

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What kind of chair is best for breastfeeding?

The best nursing chair is best for your purposes, some are more comfortable than others. Some have more padding or even storage compartments, try them out and see which one works best for your body type and size; this way you can make sure to get the best rocking chair for you.

I have compiled some of the best nursing chairs but first lets look at what different types of chairs there are.

There are different types of breastfeeding chairs. There are rocking gliders, traditional rocking chairs, swivel rockers, and nursing recliners.

Traditional Rocking Chair

These are the best nursery chairs that will last which may be a little harder to find than some other kinds of nursing chairs. Some of the best traditional rocking chairs may be too “rustic” for your nursery if you aren’t into that kind of decor but there are some now with a modern design.

Swivel Rocking Chairs

These nursery chairs and gliders are the best for mom’s to be who want a rocking chair that they can swivel around in while feeding their little nursling. You don’t find these very often but if you do i would recommend grabbing one because they’re super comfortable and convenient, best for feeding and grabbing things within reach.

Nursery Glider

These nursery gliders are one of the best on the market because they glide so well and have a little more padding than some other best rocking chairs, although some rocking chairs have padded cushions but these nursery gliders definitely do not hurt your back and they’re best for nursing. They are best because they rock back and forth very easily and with very little effort on the parent’s part, some women just like a best rocking chair simply because it makes them feel like they’re not doing any work.

Best Nursery Chair Recliner

This nursery recliner is one of the best on the market if you can get your hands on one you should, it reclines all the way back so that baby can lay down , these are best because when your baby is sleeping in this nursery recliner you can sit back and relax as well.

If you have a harder delivery, this might be the most comfortable option for you as well. You are able to recline back to take the pressure off of your healing unmentionables.

Do you really need a nursing chair?

You will be spending a lot of time in your baby’s room. Your need something more than just a comfortable seat when you are breastfeeding your baby. It’s invaluable to have a nursery chair that glides to calm your baby and to have everything you need in easy reach.

You might think a regular chair in the living room will do but when trying to calm a fussy baby and spending hours nursing for those night feedings, you quickly realize how helpful it will be once you have found one of the best rocking chairs for you and your baby.

Having a dedicated nursing chair will give you a little bit of extra support to get in the perfect position for breastfeeding. Speak as a mom of 3, I have spent many sleepless nights nursing my babies and when you are tired, you want everything to be as easy as possible to make breastfeeding as simple and as easy as it can be.

When you find the right kind of chair for you, you will find yourself spending so much time there not only nursing, but also reading bedtime stories and getting those amazing snuggles and really creating memories and a strong bond between you and your baby.

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How to choose the best nursing glider

When finding a breastfeeding chair for any nursery they will have a few different features that you should be looking for.

The best rocker recliner best to choose has some or all of these qualities:


The best nursing chairs are very sturdy and have good balance, so if your baby is in one hand you can rock with the other without worrying about tipping over. Being able to lean back lets mom relax a bit while feeding her baby.

When using a glider chair, you want it to be sturdy and made with solid wood and with a metal base so it doesn’t accidentally get knocked over when you are in a reclined position.


You want a comfortable chair with large back cushions for support on your lower back after long hours in labour and when breastfeeding; it also adds extra padding so that sitting for long periods won’t be as difficult.

Look for neck support as well so you can comfortably lay back while nursing. You will be spending lots of time so you want to make sure you have maximum comfort while you are sitting.


Rocking chairs usually come in more than one color so you can choose the best color to match your nursery. If you are going for a country theme with a rustic look, then you might be best choosing an unfinished wood colored rocker but if sleek and chic is more your style, then I would go for a white or grey one.


The price will definitely vary on what type of chair you want; whether it’s hand made by skilled craftsmen or something mass produced from China . The average cost of a luxury nursing chair is $600+ although there are ones that cost up to $2000 but these luxury rocking chairs. Just keep in mind what your budget will allow for and get the best chair that you can afford.

These best rocking chairs will not come cheap but if you want the best nursery glider that is going to last it’s best to make the investment. Make sure you don’t buy yourself a cheap nursing rocker because it may break after a couple of months and wont last through multiple babies.

If your budget doesn’t allow to splurge on such an item then there are some affordable options out there though with some great reviews and have lasted.

Ease of getting in and out

You don’t want your baby to finally fall asleep only to have a hard time getting up and waking her. Deep rocking chairs are great for fitting multiple kids in the chair but it’s not great trying to get up with a sleeping baby in your arms. Also if you are healing from a long labor or a c-section, this will make it more challenging to get out.


Babies are good at making messes. It’s a good idea to pick a durable fabric that is easy to clean or the covers can easily be put in the washer. White can look beautiful in a nursery but can look dirty pretty quickly. Definitely something to keep in mind is how much time will you have to keep it clean and how important the color is to you.


Some rocking chairs can make quite a bit of noise. You want to find a chair that is silent when it rocks so it doesn’t distract the baby or wake up another child that might share the room.


It’s important to check your chair for any safety recalls. Some chairs have been made with faulty frames and you don’t want it to break while you and your baby are in it.

Also check if there are any moving parts that are exposed while rocking. You don’t want any little fingers to get caught in it while it’s in motion.

Bells and Whistles

Some have convenient storage pockets in the arm rests to hold your water bottle or your phone. Some even have usb ports so you are able to charge your phone while you are there. Some also come with an added nursing ottoman. This is great for kicking your feet up with all the hours you will be spending in this chair.

Best Overall Breastfeeding Chair

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider

This is the best glider that has a 360-degree swivel motion360-degree swivel motion. It glides silently with a smooth gliding motion. It comes with a lumbar pillow for extra lumbar support. It’s Greenguard gold certified¬†so it is safe from any harsh chemicals. I love that all the moving pieces are hidden so you don’t have to worry about little fingers getting pinched. It comes in different colors and has a matching ottoman included. This is a really great choice if you are looking for something comfortable and will last through multiple babies.

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Best chair for a small space

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider

This is a great chair for smaller spaces. It’s perfect for making a comfortable place to nurse your new baby when you have less room. A great feature is it has an extra tall back for tall parents. It also comes with a matching ottoman set which is perfect for longer feeding sessions. An added bonus is the side storage pocket in the arm rest to hold your phone or book. This is perfect for smaller spaces when you need that extra gentle rocking motion to put your baby to sleep.

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Most affordable

Angel Line Windsor Glider

This comfortable glider is a great addition to any nursery. The best part is the latest price. It’s definitely the most affordable but it doesn’t sacrifice in quality. It has plenty of neck support even if you are on the taller side. The arm rests are padded for extra comfort and is a great nursing chair. It also comes in so many colors so it will look great in any nursery.


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Best breastfeeding chair with a modern look

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

This is a super stylish chair with a modern design. Its perfect for your modern nursery. This chair glides and has a swivel base that is perfect for rocking your baby to sleep. This chair is also greenguard gold certified as well so you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals being used in this chair. I love that the fabric is a durable microsuede so not only is it super comfortable but it’s also very easy to clean and as a mom of 3, I can tell you that that is so nice.

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Best for bad backs

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner

This is an awesome recliner that has it all. It reclines decently far back which is great for long hours of sitting when you are still recovering from a delivery. You can also buy a matching ottoman here. This even comes with a usb port to charge your phone! I love that they are an eco friendly company and use recycled materials to make parts for the chair and yet very durable. The fabric is water resistant and stain resistant which is key for keeping your chair looking new for many years of use. It has a deep seat and comes with an added lumbar cushion for extra support. It is greenguard gold certified so there are no bad chemicals in this chair. I love the sleek design and its one of my top picks if your budget allows for it.

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Find the best rocking chairs and gliders for breastfeeding moms can be a big choice but it can be worth the investment that will get hours upon hours of use and will last for year. Any of these will be a great addition to your nursery.

Next thing to do is find the best overnight diapers so once you have rocked your baby to sleep, they will stay asleep all night long.

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