The 5 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

There are many things to consider when choosing the best breast milk storage bag for you, and it can be a daunting task. There are so many types of bags out there; how do you know which one is best? With this guide, we break down all the basics of breast milk storage bags, as well as our top five recommendations that can help lessen the decision-making process for you!

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Breast Milk Storage Bag Basics and Best Practices

Storage bags cannot be reused. Unless they are specifically reusable food-grade silicone.

The measurements aren’t very accurate. If precise measurements are important to you, try using a food scale or pumping directly into a bottle first.

Write the date on the storage bag with a permanent marker as well as the baby’s name if they will be going to childcare.

All storage bags leak at times. Here we have compiled the most durable ones but you can also thaw them in a gallon zip lock bag to make sure none of it goes to waste.

When freezing the breast milk, lay the bag down flat. That way when you have multiple that are frozen, you can store them in a gallon freezer bag with the month to prevent any getting lost and going to waste but also to prevent freezer burn.

Be sure to stay organized by having a pumping inventory log so your breast milk never goes to waste.

How do breast milk storage bags work?

Breast milk storage bags are used to store pumped breast milk for later feeding while taking up less space than bottles.

You can store them in the fridge or freezer depending on how soon you plan to use the milk.

Are breast milk bags reusable?

Disposable are unfortunately not reusable. Some are recyclable like the Kiinde but once they are used, they are no longer safe to store milk in them once again.

If you are looking for reusable to save money overall and to be more environmentally conscious then the Haakaa reusable bags are a great option as well as Zip Top storage bags.

Why use breast milk storage bags?

Breast milk storage bags are great for storing a lot of breast milk while taking up the least amount of space.

I like to use storage bags to store and not own many bottles to save on space and prevent dishes from piling up.

Pumping Into Bottles Or Straight Into Storage Bags

There are two ways to use breast milk freezer bags:

Pumping into bags can be a lot easier and more convenient for preventing washing bottles.

The best option for pumping into bottles first is when you would like a more record a more accurate amount of breast milk. Another reason is you are pumping just a little extra to store for when you are away.

It can also be easier to pump into bottles first so you don’t have to deal with attachments for the storage bags.

Things To Consider When Choosing Storage Bags


Do you want to pump directly into breast milk storage bags?

If you plan to pump directly into a storage bag then it’s important to pick one that works with your pump. (Kiinde works with more pumps)

If you plan to pump it into a bottle and transfer it to a storage bag then something like the Lansinoh might be a better choice.

Are you wanting disposable or reusable?

If you are trying to build a large stash or are wanting the most convenient item then disposable would work best.

If you only need to store a little for date night or are more environmentally conscious, reusable would be the better choice.

How many breast milk storage bags do you need?

It depends on a few factors. If you are pumping directly into the storage bags then you will need two bags per pumping session (one for each breast).

If you are pumping into bottles and then pouring them into storage bags for later then you will need 1 bag per session or if you are wanting a specific amount for each feeding then you will have to divide the milk into 2 bags depending on how much you are pumping.

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags


Strong with a double seal


Can pump directly into most pumps



They are not reusable

Cannot pump directly into Spectra S1 or S2

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Kiinde Twist Pouch Direct-Pump Direct-Feed Twist Cap Breast Milk Storage Bags



Threaded caps for fewer leaks


Eliminates washing bottles


They are not reusable

They are at a higher price point

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Haakaa Silicone Breastmilk Storage Bag


They are reusable

Easy to clean

Strong to eliminate leaks

Can be used for storing other foods & drinks once done pumping


Higher price point

Can be top-heavy if not full

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Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags



Double seal to prevent leaks

Easily stores standing up



Cannot pump directly into

Doesn’t store flat as well

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Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags


Double seal to prevent leaks

Can pump directly into bags with adaptors


Easy to freeze flat


Easy to spill when transferring from a bottle

Doesn’t store as much breast milk

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There are the top 5 breast milk storage bags. My personal favorite has been the Haakaa with the silicone breast pump for when I am breastfeeding my baby and using the pump to catch the leaking milk on the other side. It has been such a time saver which is so necessary when you have a newborn to tend to.

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