The Best Bottle Warmers for Breastmilk

When looking for the best bottle warmer for breastmilk, new parents can quickly feel overwhelmed by all of the options on the market today. Now they do so much more than warm milk up for your baby. You can find ones that warm bottles, sanitize them, as well as heat up baby food. Here is a compiled list for you to find the best bottle warmer for breastmilk for you and your baby.

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What are bottle warmers good for?

Bottle warmers do more than just keep your baby’s milk warm. You can use bottle warmers to warm breast milk in a pinch, as well as formula or any type of baby food jars for your baby. Many parents also buy best bottle warmers because they limit the chances that you will scald your child if you are heating as well as insuring all of the nutrients are kept when warming the breastmilk.

Having a bottle warmer helps for the middle of the night feedings and getting the baby bottle at the perfect temperature. In the first years busy parents get a lot of use from the one tool. No one wants to be spending so much time getting their heating milk with a crying baby. It’s also a great option to warm baby food once you introduce solids.

How do bottle warmers work?

Bottle warmers have a few different methods of warming bottles. The best bottle warmer for breastmilk uses one of the following to heat up milk:

– Creating a warm water bath

This is the most common method. You will add tap water to the water reservoir and when you turn on the warming cycle the warmer heats the bowl of water to warm the baby bottle to the right temperature. Some will come with a lift-out basket in the warming chamber to prevent burning your hands.

– Electric heating technology

This is a great option for families on the go. You will be able to plug the warmer into your car without any water. You will wrap the warmer around the bottle so it evenly heats up the bottle for your baby.

There are pros and cons for each best bottle warmer for breastmilk. The best baby bottle warming system is one that best suits your family’s needs, including the best way to heat up milk as well as how long you want to spend warming your child’s food.

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The water bath or running hot water methods are great because they can do multiple bottles at once and can be very budget friendly. They do require you to clean the reservoir from time to time.

Electric bottle warmers use a heating pad inside that is activated when the bottle goes in best milk warmer. With many different settings, this type of technology allows you to control the temperature bottle warmer for breastmilk . You will know it’s done when it beeps or give you a light when it reaches the correct temperature.

Finding the best bottle warmer for breastmilk can be a daunting task. The best way to go about it is to look at your needs and read reviews to see what best bottles best baby bottles warmers fits best with you and your baby.

Are bottle warmers worth it?

There are so many baby products out there now so it’s an easy question to think which things are necessary when researching what your baby needs. It’s a good idea to do your research to find out what your family’s needs will be.

Bottle warmers worth is up to the individual family. If you are a busy best mom, dad, or a single parent, finding the best bottle warmer for breastmilk can make your life easier at night and during the day for bottle feedings.

When you have a hungry baby in the middle of the night or you are tending to another child and your baby is telling you it is time for their bottle, having the ease of use just to press a button will make life so much easier and allow you to be more present to your family and their needs.

The best bottle warmer for breastmilk serves multiple purposes: allowing you to warmer food, sanitize all bottles and accessories, as well as warming breast milk or formula up to a temperature that’s safe for your baby while keeping all the nutrients.

They are best used on overnight bottled feedings and in the first year, but not necessary after that. Once your baby is over a year old, the warmers (depending on your baby’s temperament) is more of a luxury than anything else.

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Do you need a bottle warmer?

Bottle warmer best best milk warmers are best for night feedings, in the early years and for families who are often on the go. While bottle warmers aren’t necessary I highly recommend for those night feeding or for when you are on the go. Some babies are a bit more particular when accepting a bottle.

You can give your baby cold milk or cold formula or even room temperature if they will accept it that way but lots of babies will only take it if it’s a certain temperature. When you are up late at night warming a bottle, it’s more of a safety concern. You want to ensure that the milk is evenly warmed to ensure there are no hot spots that could potentially scald your baby. This is why it’s a good reason to invest in a good bottle warmer.

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Portable bottle warmers help with keeping your breast milk good for when you are out longer. Just take your frozen breast milk with you in your cooler and when it is time to feed you can easily defrost your breast milk and warm it to the desired temperature right then and there.

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What to look for when buying a bottle warmer

  • Ease of use

When picking out a bottle warmer, you want to have a simple design so that it is easy to use but it is also easy to clean. You don’t want to be worrying about having to clean the mineral deposits off of the stainless steel chamber very often. You also want it to easily fit the bottle size that you already have.

  • Time to heat

Some bottle warmers can take long time to warm formula or breast milk. This is something to consider if it’s worth the added costs to cut off a few minutes of warming time for a fussy baby.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy in the temperature setting is important to protect the baby’s mouth from being burned but also protecting the essential nutrients in the milk. You don’t want any hot spots with high temperatures that could potentially burn your baby.

  • Versatility

Will it be only for home use or do you need something on the go? It might be worth it to splurge a little on a warmer that can also sanitize the bottles and pacifiers to keep your baby as healthy as possible. Since it’s already going to take up cabinet space, why not have it do multiple things in the kitchen?

  • Added Features

A lot will have an indicator light to let you know when it’s ready but how about a defrost setting that you can turn on from your phone in the comport of your bed? Is it important to have a compact design so it doesn’t take up so much space? Find out what added feature will make the difference in making your life easier.

  • Safety

You definitely want certain safety features in your bottle warmer. You need to make sure it has an automatic shut off if the chamber runs out of water to prevent burning or it has temperature settings that will be good for keeps milk and glass bottles or baby food jars safe from over heating and cracking.

Best baby bottle warmers

Best Overall

The First Years Bottle Warmer

This is the best option for complete convenience. I love the unique feature of having the ability to place the baby’s milk in the warmer before you go to bed and the ice packs keep it cool for up to 8 hours. You can change the settings for the temperature on the screen and add water in the reservoir the night before and everything is ready for when your baby is hungry. I love getting just a couple of extra minutes of sleep in the morning. When I hear my baby start to stir all I need to do is press a button on the remote and it starts heating it for me. The only thing is the remote is the only way to start the warmer so keep it in a safe place.

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Best Features

Baby Brezza Safe & Smart Electric Bottle Warmer

This is a great warmer that is simple to set up but has a couple of extra features without making it hard to use. There are two settings to warm up your baby’s bottle. One quick warm setting and a slow warm setting for breastmilk to ensure you keep the essential nutrients. There’s an auto shut-off feature for safety and even works with your phone so you can start the bottle no matter where you are. There is an lcd screen next to the settings to show how much time is left to warm. The only thing moms tend to be unhappy with is finding the right setting for the amount of milk is in the bottle. Once you have found the right setting that work for you, it’s very easy to make the perfect bottle.

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Best Features Runner Up

Dr. Browns Deluxe Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

This bottle warmer has a simple design and holds most bottles. It uses steam heat to warm the bottle. You can set the setting to what works for you and it has a last-setting memory so all you have to do it pull the bottle out of the fridge, into the warmer and press 1 button. I love that is also sterilizes your bottles so there is one less gadget taking up space in your cabinets.


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Simplest Design

Tommee Tippee 3 in 1

This warmer has a simple design and very easy to use. Moms love how consistent it is for warming the bottles. There are just 3 different sections on baby food, glass bottle, or plastic bottle. Then you choose the starting temperature, frozen, cold, or room temperature. Lastly you choose the amount of milk of food is in there. It is heated by uses a warm water bath which is perfect for preserving all the essential nutrients in breast milk.

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Best for preserving nutrients

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

This warmer is another great option with a simple design for getting the perfect temperature of milk. It fits most bottles as well as breast milk bags and pouches. Most importantly, it warms the milk by circulating a warm water bath to preserve all the breast milk nutrients. It has an auto-shut off to prevent it from over heating the bottle. This is a really simple and great design.


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Best travel warmer

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature

This is a great choice for when you are on the go or as a back up from a power outage and you don’t have a power source. It works like a thermal flask where you fill it up with hot water and it stays hot in your diaper bag until you need it. Once you want to warm up your baby’s bottle, you pour the warm water into the lid of the warmer and add the bottle. Tommee Tippee bottles fit in it perfectly but it also fits most standard size bottles. I love the simple design and you have it ready for whenever you need it where ever you go.

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Fastest heat up time

Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

This is another good choice with a simple design. It heats up milk in only 3 minutes and has a light to indicate when it is finished. I love that it will stay warm for up to an hour before the auto shut-off. This way to can make the bottle ahead of time and it’s already ready for when your baby needs it. It fits all Avent bottles as well as most major brand bottles.


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There all are the best bottle warmers out on the market today. There are so many options that I hope this helped and made your choice a little easier.

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