200 Baby Names That Mean Earth

Earth-inspired names have been around for centuries. In ancient times, these names were given to children who had a connection with the earth and the natural world. Today, many parents are looking for unique baby names that capture this deep meaning without being too common or overdone. If you’re one of them, read on!

In today’s fast-paced society, it can be hard to find a name that is not only meaningful but also different from other people in our lives. Earth-inspired baby names offer just the right balance between uniqueness and tradition – they are both traditional yet untraditional at the same time. Let’s jump into some of the most beautiful earthy baby names out there!

Names that mean earth that start with A

Aaron – Hebrew origin meaning “high mountain and enlightened”

Adam – Hebrew word for earth and also has the meaning “son of the red earth”

Adira – Hebrew origin meaning “powerful, strong”

Aliza – Yiddish origin meaning “joy, happiness”

Amaya – Japanese origin meaning “night rain”

Amethyst – Greek origin meaning “not intoxicated”

Anezka – Czech origin meaning “miracle child”

Anoushka – Hindu origin meaning “satisfied”

Ansel – German origin meaning “divine helmet; God’s protection”

Aria – Latin and Italian origin meaning “air, melody”

Armina – Old German origin meaning “private counsel of the gods”

Alaska – Native American origin meaning “great land”

Names that mean earth that start with B

Bart – Hebrew origin meaning “son of earth”

Bartlette – Hebrew origin meaning “son of earth”

Beaumont – French origin meaning “beautiful mountain”

Bel – Hebrew origin meaning “a spirit” or “lord of the earth”

Bella – Latin, Italian, and Spanish origin meaning “beautiful”

Berry – English origin meaning “berry tree”

Blaine – Irish Gaelic origin meaning “yellow, blond-haired child”

Breccan – Celtic Gaelic origin meaning “small, fiery”

Bree – English origin meaning “free man”

Brenton – English origin meaning “little rock or town near burnt land”

Brook – English origin meaning a small stream or brook

Bailey – Old French origin meaning “berry clearing”

Baillie – Gaelic origin meaning “heiress to the estate”

Brielle – Dutch/French origin meaning “bringer of good news”

Bryn – Welsh origin meaning “hill, mound”

Names that mean earth that start with C

Canora – Latin origin meaning “from the golden city”

Carnelian – Latin origin meaning “flesh-colored stone or red gemstone”

Cayman – Hebrew origin meaning “caiman, a crocodilian reptile”

Cedric – German origin meaning “woods of the cedars”

Chang – Chinese origin meaning “handsome or moving up”

Christina – Greek origin meaning “Christian”

Chrystal – Greek origin meaning “ice, clear stone of quartz”

Claire – French origin meaning “bright, radiant”

Coralie – Latin origin meaning “precious stone”

Cormac – Irish Gaelic origin meaning “son of defilement”

Cynthia – Greek origin meaning “from Mount Kynthos”

Names that mean earth that start with D

Daisy – Old German origin meaning “day’s eye”

Delphine – Greek origin meaning “of the earth”

Diana – Latin origin meaning “divine”. It is also the Latin name for a Roman goddess that is associated with the moon.

Demeter – Greek origin for a baby girl meaning “earth mother”

Donovan – Irish Gaelic origin meaning “dark-skinned warrior” or Gaelic/Celtic origin meaning “dark”

Doran – Celtic myth name of a wise great hunter and poet

Dorothy – Greek origin meaning “gift of god”

Dustin – Hebrew origin meaning “furnace master”

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Names that mean earth that start with E

Eileen – Celtic myth name of a powerful female warrior

Elle – French origin meaning “the” or German origin meaning “whole, universal”

Eli – Hebrew origin meaning “high mountain and enlightened”

Eliza – Greek origin meaning “heritage from god”

Elizabeth/Lizzie/Liz: Greek origin meaning “my god is bountiful”

Emerson – English origin meaning “son of Emery, beloved guardian or protector”

Erin – Celtic myth name of a goddess of the earth

Eugenie – Greek origin meaning “well-born”

Evelyn – Anglo Saxon origin meaning “yew wood; other wood” or Hebrew origin meaning “life”

Names that mean earth that start with F

Faolan – Gaelic origin meaning obscurely, “wolf servant, wolf friend”

Falani – Hawaiian origin meaning “sky dancer”

Faye – English origin meaning “fairy, elf” or French origin meaning “fidelity, loyalty”

Felix – Latin origin meaning “lucky, successful”

Fionnait – Celtic myth name of the goddess of fertility and power

Flora – Latin origin meaning “flower” or Italian origin meaning “flower child”. She is also the Roman goddess of spring.

Francesca – Italian origin meaning “from France”

Frankie – English/Latin origin meaning “free, independent one”

Freesia – Dutch origin meaning “daffodil flower”

Forrest – Old French origin meaning “forest dweller”

Frazier – Gaelic origin meaning “truth speaker”

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Names that mean earth that start with G

Gabriel/Gabriella: Hebrew origin meaning “hero of God, one who is powerful and strong”

Gemma – Latin origin meaning “gemstone” or Gaelic origin meaning “gem”

Gaia – Italian origin meaning “planet earth”

George – Greek origin meaning “farmer, earth-worker”

Geraldine – German origin meaning “rule of the spear”

Grace – Latin origin meaning “favored one” or French origin meaning “graceful”

Graeme – Celtic myth name of a god of the underworld and the sea

Greer – Gaelic origin meaning “alert, watchful”

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Nature baby names that start with H

Hale – English origin meaning “healthy, safe, whole” or Irish/Celtic origin meaning “from the hallowed place”

Harley – Old English origin meaning “hare meadow”

Harry – German origin meaning “home-ruler, chief of the house”

Heather – Greek myth name of a nymph who was turned into a heather bush

Hektor – Greek myth name of the Trojan warrior killed by Achilles

Helen/Ellie: Greek myth name of beauty and a face that launched a thousand ships; also a character in Shakespeare’s play ‘Troilus and Cressida’

Hendrix – English origin meaning “son of Henry”

Hope – French origin meaning “happiness, optimism”

Hunter – English origin meaning “someone who hunts for a living or pursues their goals”

Names that mean earth that start with I

Iain/Ewan: Celtic myth name of a god of eloquence and skilled in music and poetry

Inara – Hebrew origin meaning “wild cow”

India – Latin origin meaning “from India” or Sanskrit origin meaning “river”

Inigo – English/Spanish origin meaning obscurely, possibly from Ines, a Spanish form of Agnes, originally a Greek name meaning “holy, sacred,” the original English form of which was Agnes, from Greek “messenger

Iris – Greek myth name of a goddess of rainbows and the sky; also a flower symbolizing the rainbow as well as messages from heaven to earth.

Israel – Hebrew origin meaning “struggle with God” or “contends/wrestles with God”

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Names that mean earth that start with J

Jackie – English/Greek origin meaning “God is gracious; holder of victory; beloved one”

Jacob – Hebrew origin meaning “supplanter, substitute child”

Jade – French/Spanish origin meaning “slender stone used in making tools, weapons, and ornamentation by prehistoric people;” also an ornamental stone made of a green variety of the mineral species quartz

Jagger – English origin meaning “one who stutters” or Gaelic origin meaning obscurely, “from the craggy place”

James – Hebrew origin meaning “supplanter” or Scottish origin meaning “supplanter of Jesus Christ”

Jamie/Jayme: Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious;” a derivative of Jacob

Jason – Greek myth name of a hero who sailed to Colchis in search for the Golden Fleece and was sent into exile by his uncle

Jasper – Persian form of the jeweler’s stone; also an ornamental stone made from opaque-to translucent cryptocrystalline quartz. In ancient times, it was believed to have magical powers.

Jericho – Hebrew origin meaning “fragrant, fertile”

Jett – English/Scandinavian origin meaning “black, swarthy” or Spanish origin meaning “the jet black mineral”

John – Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious”

Jonah – Hebrew origin meaning name of the prophet swallowed by a whale in biblical legend

Names that start with K

Knox – Scottish surname meaning “hills or from the round hill”

Kaj – Danish origin meaning “earth”

Keanu – Hawaiian origin meaning “cool breeze over the mountains”

Names that start with L

Lachlan/Lachlann: Celtic myth name of a god of the underworld and the sea; also an Anglicized form of Gaelic myth name Lochan (“milk eye”) from Scottish dialectal lach (“lake”) and loch (“lake”). In modern use, this name is usually spelled Lachlan.

Landon – English/French origin meaning “long hill”

Lara – Greek myth name of the heroine in ‘Doctor Zhivago’ who symbolizes passionate love; also a Spanish feminine form of Lawrence which means “man from Laurentum.”

Larry/Laurence: English masculine form of Laura which comes from the Latin word for “laurel crown” or Italian masculine form of Laura which means “crowned with laurels”

Lee/Leigh: Old French origin meaning either “meadow, forest clearing” or Middle English origin meaning “a wood, forest clearing;” possibly even an Americanized form of Germanic cognate names like Lehmann or Lechner.

Lemon – English origin meaning “yellow fruit”

Leo/Leon: Latin origin meaning “lion,” thus a masculine name that is often given in honor of the animal which symbolizes strength and courage, as well as a sign of masculinity and royalty; a Spanish form can be short for Alonso (Spanish variation of Alphonse) or Alfonso (Old Germanic element adal with ford, which means “place of assembly”)

Levi – Hebrew origin meaning “a joining together; joined; united”

Liam – Irish/Gaelic myth name of one god who had the power to make the seasons more favorable, also known by various spellings like Uilliam, Liam, William, etc.

Lapis – Persian origin meaning “azure blue stone”

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Names that mean earth that start with M

Mac/Mc: Scottish origin meaning “son of”

Madison – English origin meaning “son of Maud” or Old German origin meaning “fortunate.”

Mason – English origin meaning “worker of stone”

Mies – Dutch origin meaning “son of earth”

Mahi – French origin meaning “earth goddess”

Mael – Celtic myth name of a sun god who was said to have slain the leader of the Fomorians at Mag Tuireadh

Magee – Irish/Gaelic origin meaning “devotee of Maighi,” another word for “nun”

Magnus – Latin origin meaning “sturdy one;” also an Italian form of Maurice which means literally French form of Maurus (“dark-skinned”) from Latin maurus (“of the Moor”)

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Mirela – Croatian origin meaning “peace and world”

Mira – Latin origin meaning “female ruler, ocean”

Meena – Hindi origin meaning “semiprecious blue stone”

Milo/Milos: Latin origin meaning “willing,” a derivative of the name Demetrius. In Greek mythology, Milo was a famous athlete who was said to be invincible in wrestling and won all his fights until he met an older opponent named Damastes. Damastes beat him by holding on to Milo’s leg as Milo attempted a throw. Since then, the phrase “a millstone around one’s neck” has been used to signify problems or mistakes that continue to haunt someone later on in life

Ming – Chinese origin meaning “bright star”

Mirica – Croatian origin meaning “Peace, world”

Monserrat – Catalan origin meaning “serrated mountain”

Montana – Spanish origin meaning “mountainous”

Montez – Spanish origin meaning “dweller in the mountains”

Names that mean earth that start with N

Nathaniel – Hebrew origin meaning “gift from God”

Nayala – African origin meaning “mountain goat”

Noor – Arabic word for “light,” also used as a feminine name which means “the light of day.”

Names that mean earth that start with O

Oakley – English origin meaning “oak meadow”

Odessa – Greek myth name of a princess who was turned into a field nymph on her wedding day by her stepmother, who had been jealous of her beauty.

Orestes – Greek origin meaning “from the mountain”

Okechukwu – African Igbo origin meaning “my God is alive.”

Names that mean earth that start with P

Palmer – Old French origin meaning “pilgrim the Holy Land,” often given as a surname that is then later used as a given name

Pascal – Hebrew origin meaning “annual sacrifice”

Pello – Greek origin meaning “stone”

Persephone/Persephonē: Greek myth name of the daughter of Demeter, meaning “destroyer.” In Greek mythology, Persephone was abducted by Hades and taken off to live with him as his queen in the underworld. Her mother, Demeter, went into such mourning that she caused the world to become barren until Zeus ordered Hades to return Persephone. She had been allowed to spend half the year above ground with her mother and half below ground as wife to Hades. Persephony’s annual return from her husband has been associated with planting time or harvest time.

Peri – Hebrew origin meaning “dweller in the mountains”

Pi – Chinese origin meaning “peace”

Peta – Spanish origin meaning “stone or golden eagle”

Parvati – Sanskrit origin meaning “the daughter of the mountain”

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Names that mean earth that start with R

Raymond – Old German origin meaning “wise protector,” also a French surname derived from the personal name Raymond; used as an English and Scottish given name since the Middle Ages.

Reuben/Reubin: Hebrew origin meaning “behold, a son!” In the bible, Reuben was Jacob’s firstborn and leader of the twelve sons who were fathered by Jacob while he was still living in Padan-aram; because of this betrayal, he lost birthright rights to his brother Joseph. His descendants became identified as members of the tribe of Reuben.

Rex – Latin origin meaning “king”

Rochelle – French origin and came from the French city La Rochelle with the meaning “little rock”

Riley – Irish/Gaelic origin meaning “courageous”

Rudy/Rudie – English origin meaning “famous spear,” a pet form of any masculine name ending in the syllable rud; also used as an independent given name.

Rayah – Hebrew origin meaning “earth”

Reshawna – African origin meaning “unblemished”

Renata – Latin origin meaning “reborn, born again”

Roxanne – Greek origin meaning “dawn; bright morning star”

Names that mean earth that start with S

Seanan – Celtic myth name of the sea god, equivalent to Old Irish Aedh which means “fire.”

Sterling – Old English origin meaning “of high value; pure silver”

Shannon – Irish word for the river Shannon, which takes its name from old Irish words shenann (“peace”) and on (“water”). This has been used as both a male and female given name since it became popular in America in the 1970s.

Shanti – Sanskrit origin meaning “peace”

Sean/Shawn – Celtic word for “God is gracious”

Spencer – English origin meaning “dispenser of provisions, food keeper” or Old French origin meaning “dweller at the spence” (a room in a medieval house where food was stored)

Shepherd – Middle English origin from the word shirreve, which means shepherd. This has been used as both a male and female given name since the 14th century.

Silas – Greek myth name of a man who was condemned to be an oarsman in the ship of The Syrens, sometimes adapted as a biblical given name written as Silvanus.

Sagira – Hopi origin meaning “earth”

Sanura – Egyptian origin meaning “born of the earth,” a variation of Isis, the goddess of fertility and rebirth.

Shaunee – Native American Iroquois origin meaning both “of the Earth” and “of fire.” This is a variation of Shawna/Shauna/Shawnie.

Shemeka – African-American origin meaning “gift from God”

Sariah – Hebrew origin meaning “defender of Israel”

Baby names that mean earth that start with T

Tahir – Arabic name for boys and girls which means “pure”

Talos – Greek myth name of a giant man of bronze who protected Europa in Crete by running around the island three times a day. He was eventually killed by Zeus’ thunderbolt and buried with honor.

Tamsyn – Cornish origin meaning “a twin,” also used as a feminine form of Thomas and less often for girls; Tamsin is the usual feminine version.

Tara – Irish Gaelic origin meaning “star” because it was regarded as the pillar which kept heaven and earth apart, or Hindu origin derived from the word dhatri, which means “protectress.” Also known as a Roman goddess of earth in greek mythology.

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Talin – Celtic myth name of a god of healing who taught mankind to use plants for medicine named in Welsh Taliesin whose name means “radiant brow.” This has been used as both male and female given names since the 19th century.

Teresea – Greek origin meaning “luminous, pure”

Thea – Greek myth name of a Titan who was the goddess of light and mother of Helios, the personification of the Sun. This is also used as a short form for Theodora/Theresa/Teresa. I’ve seen it spelled this way, but I’m not sure if that’s correct or just incorrect spelling for either Thea or Theresa.

Name meanings that start with U

Ursula – Latin origin meaning “little female bear,” in Roman mythology, Ursula and her 11,000 virgin followers were martyred by the Huns on the orders of Attila when she refused to marry his son; an ursula is a design or seashell with one notch for every virgin’s life that was taken.

Ulani – Hawaiian origin meaning “earth”

Uma, Umay – Sanskrit origin meaning “light,” and Hindu goddess who represents mother earth and fertility.

Name meanings that start with V

Vermont – French origin meaning “green mountain”

Virgil – Latin origin meaning “of the earth”

Names that start with W

Wicapi – Native American Indian name meaning “black snake.” Would be used more often as a girl’s name than a boy’s.

Winona – Native American Sioux tribe name which is said to mean “first-born daughter,” although it has also been interpreted to mean “young, little one.” It is used for both males and females.

Whitney – English place name and surname that means “from the white island” or from an unknown location in France named with the French word for white; this was once given to boys but is now almost exclusively a girl’s name.

Woodson/Woods – English origin that means “son of wood” or Scottish origin from the Gaelic word for woods

Wesley – Old English origin meaning “western meadow.” This is a surname that was given as a first name throughout the 19th century and is now used primarily as a masculine middle name.

Wystan – English origin meaning “battle stone”

Names that start with X:

Xalvadora/Xavior – Greek origin meaning “savior;” this unusual spelling variation is often used for girls, though it may be more commonly known as Xaviera.

Xenia – Greek origin meaning “stranger,” also traditionally a Russian girl’s name but it may be considered too formal in modern use. A popular Irish boy’s name as well spelled Seán.

Xenophanes – Greek origin meaning “foreign speech;” it is more common as a boy’s name than for girls, but has been used as a girl’s name since the 19th century.

Xylia – Possibly Latin origin meaning “of wood.” This would be considered too masculine for modern use.

Name meanings that start with Y:

Yashica/Yasmin/Yazmin – Sanskrit origin meaning “green” and representing different names, or Hindi origin derived from the word yasman which means “jasmine flower,” or Persian origin from yasamin which means “jasmine.” These are typically given to girls (though Yasmin is also common for boys) but this name appeals to both sexes.

Yizihar – Hebrew origin meaning “gift of God”

Yuuka – Japanese name that means “of the earth.” This would be used mostly for a girl, but can also be found as a boy’s name.

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Names that start with Z

Zalika/Zalia – Arabic origin meaning “flower” and representing different names; these are more commonly given to girls than boys because it is identified with Africa or Asia rather than Europe or America.

Zenobia – Latin origin meaning “life of Zeus;” this was the name of a third-century queen who led her people to victory against Rome.

Zephyr/Cepus/Cephirius – Greek origin meaning “west wind,” also the name of a wild spirit in Greek mythology.

Zurvita – Native American Sioux tribe name which means “life.” This would be used more often as a girl’s name than for boys.

Zophie – Hebrew origin meaning “God is my rock.”

Zaina – Arabic origin meaning “shining;” this would be considered too formal for use today, but it may appeal to families who want an unusual name with strong traditional roots. It is also spelled Zaïna and Zeina.

Zaltana – Native American origin meaning “high mountain”

Zoë/Zoey – Greek origin meaning “life”


These are just some of the many earth-inspired names that you can choose from! There are so many beautiful, unique baby names out there and choosing the perfect one can feel overwhelming at times. This list will help to narrow down your search and give you some inspiration to try something new and unexpected!

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