31 Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family in Person

It’s no secret that announcing a pregnancy to your family is a momentous occasion. After all, they are the people who have known you your entire life, and they are likely to be some of the first people to know about the new addition to your family. There are many ways to announce pregnancy to family in person, but some of the most popular include telling them in person with a gift, in a game, or even with a cake to share the good news. No matter how you choose to let your family know, any of these ideas will make it special and memorable!

25 Ways to announce pregnancy to family in person

  1. Customized puzzle 
  2. T-shirt gift 
  3. Scratch tickets
  4. Scavenger hunt
  5. Pregnancy announcement on the fridge
  6. Hidden message in a mug
  7. Pictionary
  8. Bake a cake
  9. Mug
  10. Customized bottle of wine
  11. Outfit on your pet
  12. Personalized M&M’s
  13. Announce while taking a photo
  14. Have a family member wear a t-shirt
  15. Photobook
  16. In a card
  17. Booties
  18. Crack an egg
  19. An ornament
  20. Bun in the oven
  21. Note in a gift box
  22. In a diaper box
  23. Announcement plate
  24. Customized beer labels
  25. Frame it up
  26. Chalkboard
  27. Grow a plant
  28. Customized candy bars
  29. Candle
  30. Playing cards
  31. Golf ball

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Customized puzzle

You can order a customized puzzle from Etsy or a riddle puzzle from Amazon and have a game night with your family over to surprise them!

T-shirt Gift

There are some great customized t-shirts that say “promoted to Grandma and Grandpa!”. You can either find some online or have your partner order it. You could even get a t-shirt for everyone in the family so they are all included, too!

Scratch tickets

Scratch tickets are another great way to let your family know! There will be a message on the ticket that says something like “We’re expecting a new bundle of joy!” or “coming soon”.

Have your partner hand out the tickets and everyone can scratch it off to see what they won. Afterward, they’ll be so surprised when you reveal they’ve all won a baby!

Scavenger hunt

A fun way to let your family know is through a scavenger hunt. On each clue, place the name of one of your family members. Have them read off all the clues and eventually it will lead them to the big reveal!

For example, you could write “I’m about to make an announcement that will leave everyone in shock!” Follow that clue with more clues that lead to the next clue, and so on. The final clue will reveal if they are having a baby!

Pregnancy announcement on the fridge

Another way you can surprise your family is by writing an announcement on the fridge with dry-erase markers or having a customized announcement handing on the fridge. Have them look at what you wrote and eventually it will lead them to see what’s behind the announcement!

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Hidden message in a mug

You can also hide a message in a mug. The first time they use the mug, the message will pop up and surprise them! This is great for when your family drinks tea or coffee together.


You can turn this into even more fun and memorable game by having one team draw a clue and then the other guess what you’re trying to draw.

For example, if your family member has only met your husband, you could say “I’m drawing my husband” or if they have never met your child you could say “This is our child”.

Bake a cake

Going this route is an adorable way to announce your pregnancy. Make a cake with blue or pink frosting and have a message on it, such as “We’re going to be parents!”


You can find mugs online that say something like “Grandma & Grandpa Est. 2023” or “promoted to Grandma”. Have your partner use this for their morning coffee in the morning, and when they go in for their second cup after breakfast they’ll see why it says that!

Customized bottle of wine

Have your partner or family member get a customized bottle of wine for everyone as a gift. They could put the message on it to say “We’re expecting!” and then after they open it, offer them some as a toast!

Outfit for your pet

People love pets, so this is another great way to share the news about your pregnancy. Have your partner pick out something cute for the family pet.

It could say something like “I’m gonna be a big brother or sister” or “My mom is expecting!”. It can be a shirt or a scarf that says “Just like me, you’re going to be an aunt soon!” or something cute like that.

Personalized M&M’s

You can find personalized M&M’s online. Have both of you pick out something cute to say on them and give them to your family! This way when they eat the candy, they’ll see what you wrote!

Announce while taking a photo

When you are all together and about to take a photo instead of saying “cheese” tell them to say “we’re pregnant!”. This is a great way to capture the moment when you share your special news.

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Have a family member wear a t-shirt

Have someone that is in on the secret where a shirt that says “Promoted to big brother!” or “Promoted to Auntie!”. Let the rest of the family notice the shirt to find out the surprise!


Make a photo book and leave in on the coffee table for your family to look at. For each page have one person pick out something they think is cute about the picture, then when you get to the last page it can say “Congratulations!” with a picture of you and your announcement.

In a card

You can make a card and have it say something along the lines of “You’re going to be grandparents!” with a picture of the ultrasound inside. Put the card in their home somewhere for them to see.

They also have cards online that are fun that say something like “only the best moms get promoted to grandma”


Have little baby booties in a gift box for your family to open. Inside of the box there can be a note that says “you’re going to be grandparents!” with an ultrasound picture.



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Crack an egg

There are these fun gifts where a personalized message is inside the egg. Give your family the egg and have the message say inside “we’re expecting!”

An ornament

You can find ornaments that say things like “first Christmas as a family of 3!” and then when they hang the ornament up at Christmas you can tell them they’re going to be aunts/uncles!

Bun in the oven

You can give your family a gift box with a bun or dinner roll in it with a message saying “we have a bun in the oven!”.

Note in a gift box

This is another great way to leave your announcement for your family, but you’ll have to plan this out carefully so that they’ll find it. Put the announcement in a box and have some other gifts that they’ll open around it so that they don’t see your surprise.

In a diaper box

Put the ultrasound picture or another cute little note that you’re pregnant in a diaper box and leave it for them to come across when they go to grab a new pack of diapers.

Announcement plate or spoon

Get customized plates or spoons with a message on it saying you are expecting on it and let the family find it while they’re helping themselves to dinner. You could also serve the meal so the surprise is found out towards the end of their meal!

Customized beer labels

Leave some beer in the fridge with customized labels that say “baby is brewing”. You can serve it to your family to read or leave it in the fridge for them to find the surprise.

Frame it up!

Put a message on a picture frame that says “you’re going to be grandparents” and put the ultrasound picture in the frame. Leave it somewhere that they’ll see it!

You can find cute picture frames online to give to your family. You could use one of you with your child or husband so everyone knows who is expecting. After they see the picture frame, you can give them the ultrasound photo that was inside of it.

Pregnancy announcement chalkboard

Make a chalkboard for your family to to see. You can make the message personal and add how far along you are!

Grow a plant

Get a plant and label it with something cute like “we’re expecting!” while you are watering it. Let your parents find out when they water it, or stem some flowers from it to give as a gift!

Customized candy bars

You can order personalized candy bars online from places like Etsy. Have the bar say something you want it to say, then have the people at the shop write it out for you!

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Everyone loves a candle! You can get customized candle labels that say your expecting or have a funny announcement on them.

You can give this one as a gift or light it at the table for everyone to read.

Playing cards

Have your family over for a game night and have a pregnancy announcement on one of the cards. Whoever gets the cards can let everyone know the surprise.

Golf ball

If you have a family member that loves golf, then this is a great gift for an announcement.

Get a golf ball that says “Grandpa est. 2022” on it. You can put it in a gift box and let them open it up to show everyone!

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When is the best time to announce your pregnancy to your family?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to how you want to announce your pregnancy to your family. Here are some things that will help you plan out the news!

Some families are very close together, but for others, they might not get to see each other as much. Think about when would be a good time for them all to get together when considering when to tell them.

You could plan a family dinner where you’ll come out and share the news with everyone, this is a great way for everyone to hear at once! If you don’t think that they’d be able to catch your excitement then maybe try having a small special dinner with just your parents or grandparents.

How far along in my pregnancy should I wait until I make my announcement?

This is a very personal choice on when to announce your pregnancy to others. Some will want to wait until the second trimester while others will want to share the news right away.

There is no rule in the pregnancy when it comes to when you should make your announcement, but if you are looking for some help then consider waiting until after the first trimester.

Just make sure you are ready to reveal your pregnancy to others and that will be the perfect time for you!

Do I need to get gifts for my family?

There are many fun ways to announce pregnancy and you should never feel pressured to get your family anything just because you are announcing your pregnancy. If they see the news and want to treat you, then that’s great! But if not, don’t worry about it at all and instead focus on making the moment special.

Final thoughts

One of the most popular ways to announce pregnancy to family in person is with a gift, but there are many other options available. From customizing candy or candles with a personalized announcement on it, to announcing your pregnancy over playing cards at game night–there’s something for everyone!

In this article, we’ve provided you with 31 different fun and creative ways to announce pregnancy that will make any family member excited about being grandparents. These pregnancy announcements can be done by yourself or as a surprise from someone else when they visit.

I hope these pregnancy reveal ideas sparked some inspiration and help you make the moment you share your big news one to remember!

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